Always with unyielding integrity

Celnova Pharma values reflect our commitment to a culture of ethics and transparency.

The purpose of this channel is to deal with complaints about any behavior that may be irregular, illicit or against Celnova’s Conduct Code. Any individual and/or legal entity can access to the channel. Confidentiality is respected.

Content of the report

The complaints received must contain the following requirements:

  • Detail the facts
  • Identify who is involved
  • Date of the facts
  • Attach, if necessary, documents or files that are relevant to the evaluation and resolution of the complaint.

How to report a complaint?

Via web: by filling the form below.

By telephone: +54 11 3221 5414.

By e-mail:

We take your concerns seriously and we will adopt the proper measures for each one of them as well.

The continuous improvement of our ethics and compliance system is a priority for us, so we reserve the right to make the required changes.

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